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Retromix 266
6070 and 9670 khz.

Broadcasting on 6070 and 9670 khz Shortwave

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Monday 1st February 2021 (01/02/2021)

07:00 UTC - 09:00 UTC

08:00 CET - 10:00 CET

Frequency: 9670 khz (Omnidirectional TX)

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Channel 292, we'll be broadcasting to Europe as part of the special anniversary event. Full details available via the Channel 292 website.

Retromix 266 is a shortwave radio station where a love of nostalgia and great music collide.

This is a freeform radio station that's created just for fun.

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Reception Reports

Retromix 266 is heard around the world.

Thanks for all your reception reports. So far, Retromix 266 has been received in England, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Northern Italy, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, USA and Japan. Let us know where you're listening and we'll confirm your report with an eQSL.

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