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Retromix 266

Broadcasting on 6070 khz Shortwave

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Our next transmission will be a live 3 hour broadcast on Saturday 8th August at the following times.

2000 BST / 21:00 MESZ until 22:00 BST / 23:00 MESZ on 6070 khz,

The broadcast continues on a new frequency of 9670 khz between 22:00 BST / 23:00 MESZ until 23:00 BST / 00:00 MESZ

Retromix 266 is a shortwave radio station where a love of nostalgia and great music collide.

This is a freeform radio station that's created just for fun.


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Do you want the shortwave experience without a shortwave radio? Why not try a software defined radio online. Click here and we'll even tune it in for you on 6070 khz. 

But if you want a stereo feed, try the player below.


Saturday 8th August 2020


We're doing something different on Saturday night with a frequency switch during our live programme. It's a chance to get yourself two eQSL cards in one evening as we will be broadcasting on 6070 khz shortwave for the first two hours with a switch to 9670 khz after 22:00 hrs BST / 23:00 MESZ to test a new frequency via the transmitter of Channel 292.


20:00 (BST)

21:00 (MESZ)

Dansette Days

Retromix 266 is live tonight. Tim plays some of his favourite turntable hits and rarities from the offshore radio era.


21:00 (BST)

22:00 (MESZ)

Hits in the Heterodyne

Retromix 266 is live tonight. Tim will be making it up as he goes along again and playing some of his favourite tunes. Some might have memories attached, but one thing is certain, each track will inspire the next selection.

22:00 (BST)

23:00 (MESZ)

Testing on 9670 khz

The live show continues on 9670 khz only as we test the night time capabilities of the new frequency offered by Channel 292. Reception reports are welcome.


Sunday 9th August 2020

The 9th of August is a special day with an extra transmission to mark this special occasion.


21:00 (BST)

22:00 (MESZ)

Happy Birthday Dad

A Tribute to Bill

Tim pays a special tribute to his late father Bill on the occasion of what would have been his 74th birthday with a selection of Bill's favourite music along with memories of a dearly loved and missed Dad.

This special message is transmitted into the air in the hope that somehow and in some way this shortwave signal will find its way to him wherever he may be.

Happy birthday Dad! xxxxx


22:00 (BST)

23:00 (MESZ)

Dansette Days

Retromix 266 is live tonight. Tim plays some of his favourite turntable hits and rarities from the offshore radio era.


Coming soon on Retromix 266

Listen on 6070 khz Shortwave or catch-up with our previous broadcasts on Mixcloud


Dansette Days

Tim plays those hits and rarities from the 60s, 70s and 80s that blasted out across many a teenagers bedroom or party.
Turn it up!


Bangers and Beauties

with Tim & Matt

Join Tim and Matt as they have a lot to drink and discuss and share the songs and careers of artists who give them musical chills. "They're multiplying, it's electrifying!"


The Radio 390 Hour

If you prefer your offshore radio memories to be delivered at a much more relaxed pace, sit back and enjoy sixty minutes of easy listening in the style of the legendary Radio 390.


Reception Reports

Retromix 266 is heard around the world.

Thanks for all your reception reports. So far, Retromix 266 has been received in England, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Northern Italy, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, USA and Japan. Let us know where you're listening and we'll confirm your report with an eQSL.


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